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The diet and fitness industry is a complex labyrinth of information. Once you determine what is and isn’t bullshit, you’re still faced with a 200-page book about how to actually do the diet or fitness regimen — and most of it’s filler!

Here at FitnessInfographics.com, we aim to deconstruct these confusing plans into simple, bite-sized, easily digestible form — namely, infographics! Use them as a cheat sheet, but it may help to read the source material to get the full overview!

All of our infographics are free to use, print and share, so don’t be shy and download the shit out of them! If you want a poster to adorn your wall, you can either purchase a clean, downloadable and printable 11″ x 17″ (tabloid) size PDF version. Or, if you want to us to print and ship you a poster, you can go right here!

Also, we try to use affiliate links where possible (ie: if you click to buy a Paleo Cookbook, we get a cut from the author) just to try to monetize. We need to eat, too!

But like we said, all the full information is totally free! Support us only if you feel we’ve improved your life!



If you’re part of the media, feel free to use these infographics on your website! We would love it if you let us know, though, just so we know our reach (even if you’re saying how much you hate it!).

Print publications, please let us know if you need a printable version in a different format or dimension! We can also sell you an unbranded version and redesign it for your specific art direction.

If you need any help whatsover — or you’re concerned there’s no human on this side handling things — you can always give us a call toll-free at: 1-888-208-9627.

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