Our infographics (and future infographics!) are based on the following websites and products. Support the authors and purchase their products!

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  • Lyle McDonald’s no-nonsense, science-backed website. If you want to know what’s happening on the molecular level, you’ll find it here. His very informative forum may be found here.
  • Precision Nutrition: A very thorough company that posts definitive reviews on an array of health and fitness topics. See John Berardi’s amazing (free) PDF book on his experiments with Intermittent Fasting and what he learned.
  • Get Drunk, Not Fat: Maximize your drinking nights while minimizing damage to your diet! You’re going to drink anyway, might as well drink … healthily?


Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Body

Intermittent Fasting: Each of these have different fasted/fed windows. Choose the one that agrees with your lifestyle best!

 Paleo Diet: The differences in Paleo diet systems will be explained in an upcoming infographic!

Atkins Diet:




  • Starting Strength: Mark Rippetoe’s program is similar to Stronglifts in advantages — compound exercises and always adding weight to the bar. Both programs are highly rated and you won’t find a winner between the two.*
  • Max-OT by AST Sports Science: A fantastic training program for advanced weightlifters.